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The army is pretty amazing.  I met Valerie through mutual friends online a while back and next thing you know she and her family find out that they are moving to Fort Bliss.  I got to know her even better as we discussed the area, schools, homes, etc. and I couldn’t wait to meet her in person.

Needless to say, when we met it was like we had always been friends.  Funny how that works.  It wasn’t long before she mentioned family photos and we just had to wait for a good time.  The army has a way of making decisions for us and this was no exception.  Things are planned based off of work calendars and trips.

Typical of our area the weather also plays a huge part in scheduling and, luckily, we only had to reschedule once.  I guess keeping our fingers and toes crossed that mother nature wouldn’t have a mood swing at the last minute worked.

It’s been a while since I shot a session at my favorite location and I knew it would be the perfect setting for the Cloutier family.

I usually begin with a family shot but the kids seemed ready and I decided that I would follow their lead.  I’m glad I did because we had a great time and they were very cooperative.  Molly was up first and she was ready.

She loves the camera.

Grant went stealth mode.

Sometimes I get lucky when setting my camera and getting everyone into position and this was one of those moments.

So serene.

Now, this is more like it.

My children, my heart.

It was comedic trying to get a photo of mom with the kids.  There was a lot of laughter and silliness.  It’s the best and only way.


There it is.

When it came to getting a shot with dad they were quick and to the point.  That is usually the case.

Grant decided that he wanted to pick Molly up.  We weren’t sure how this would end up but it ended with a great sibling image.

It was finally Jack’s turn and he was ready and so easy.

I knew the kids needed a break so they were given Jack and I was able to focus on Valerie and Marc.

They were immediately photo bombed.

“Life with you makes perfect sense.”

And just like that the kids were back.

A few more of the kids and then it was time to head out since we were losing light.  My absolute favorite image from this session is located on my Facebook page.

They really wanted to pose like this.

The best place to be is with your dog.

The kids wanted to use the concrete wall to go back to the car and it quickly became a sledding adventure.

Thank you for asking me to join you for an afternoon of fun and adventure.  I truly had a great time with all of you.  I’m so happy that you are now close and we don’t have to rely on the internet for communication.  I look forward to more fun times.  Enjoy your photos!

When we have each other

We have everything.

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